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Today while doing my morning run through the beautiful dunes near Haarlem I was thinking about the topic for my new blog. The one that popped up immediately and stayed with me for the whole time was my sense of Grateful.

Therefore, I am

Grateful that I was still allowed to run outside in my favorite ‘back garden’

Grateful for the silence that allowed me to hear the music of the birds much better than before

Grateful for the blue sky and sun that shone through the trees

Grateful for the occasional walker, runner, cyclist who stayed at a decent distance while passing each other and without any exception greeted me

Grateful for all those fellow coaches and colleagues who offer their help and also dare to ask for help

Grateful for all the creativity I see around me

Grateful for discovering new qualities, capabilities and new topics to work

Grateful for strengthening existing and recover ‘lost’ friendships

Grateful for new virtual relationships and friendships

Grateful for my sister who had her last radiotherapy session and proud about the way she dealt with this heavy journey

Grateful for my first facetime moment with my wise and courageous mother, who noticed that she our conversation was slower than on the telephone and she liked it. Thanks for this nice mirroring!

Grateful for my kids who reorganized their own lives and continue to study, grow and enjoy whatever they still can

Grateful for the fact that my wife is able to cope with me around the house all day with my mood change.

And, especially, Grateful for all those people who keep society on its feet while often putting themselves at risk to help others

Overall, Grateful for all those smaller and bigger things.

At the same time, I realize that I’m blessed. I realize that people

worry about their health or the health of their loved ones,

are afraid of losing their jobs and savings for their pension,

struggle with their roles as virtual employees, teachers for their kids, household manager and partner,

‘disappear’ in loneliness in their own room as they are not allowed to receive visitors (not even family)

face many more things that scare them, unsettle them, make them wonder what’s next etc.

Therefore, I try to cherish every little moment I can and wish for everybody that we together will be able to contain this COVID-19 soonest and that everybody wherever can enjoy life again as it is meant to be.

Stay safe and sane!


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