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Dare2Change: leadership & executive coaching


I believe in people and in their ability to transform and grow. The excitement and reward of helping individuals and teams overcome obstacles, flourish and ultimately succeed is the key to why I became a coach and why I started DARe2Change.

DARe2Change is the vehicle, providing coaching services to support individuals, teams and organizations in their transformation. The aim is to help clients achieve clarity and lasting impact by custom tailoring programs that meet their specific needs. The key is to build on existing personal strengths and challenge participants to step out of their comfort zones, in a safe environment where they can experiment, get feedback and develop new behaviours and talents. The only ‘standard’ goal is that each participant walks away with a personal and practical plan of action – their own blueprint for lasting impact.

Whether you are looking for a coach, trusted advisor, mentor or facilitator, DARe2Change creates an environment in which clients can shrug off their armor and discover their (inner) needs, passion and purpose while acknowledging their challenges and conflicts. This allows the client to get to the core of the matter, to discuss without judgment and to develop and decide on strong options to move forward.


… work in a professional environment and are preparing for an important personal and/or professional transformation. You are seeking a flexible, results-oriented challenging coach, either at an individual, team or organizational level, to help you navigate through this change.

DARe2Change …

Dare2Change: leadership & executive coaching

… provides individual coaching ,
… and focuses on private & business partnerships, teams and organizations
… and delivers system coaching for Agile transformation

Individual coaching

Individual coaching focusses on mid-level and senior professionals who want to make a next step, but do not (fully) know what this next step will look like or how to get there. Or they may lack the confidence or skills to take that next step and accept the challenges it brings. The first step is to help you clarify your ‘why’ and what it could bring you. The program is then custom tailored to meet your requirements. The coaching sessions will help you to clarify what your next steps can be, what you need (to do) to get to this stage and, will help you identify and overcome the hesitations, fears or limitations which may impede your journey.

Coaching for private & business partnerships, teams and organizations

We help private & business partnerships, senior leaders and leadership teams to function better by observing and facilitating their relationship with a focus on their underlying dynamics. This improves the communication between, the cooperation in, and the efficiency and effectiveness of the relationship and creates a lasting impact for the partnerships, teams and the organisations as a whole. The facilitator and trusted advisor focus on analyzing and improving the way you and your team cooperate. Fertile ground to grow to a high-performing team is cultivated through positive mediation. The aim is to get better results, in a faster, more flexible and simpler way and with less energy and friction.

System coaching for Agile transformations

DARe2Change provides coaching and expertise to organizations who want to embrace the agile mindset by helping them shape and kick-start their agile transformation process. The first step is to work together to get to the right diagnosis, to create a valid and valuable business case and a practical plan of action for the agile transformation. This is fine tuned to the specific situation of your organization. The next step is a special focus on coaching senior leaders and their team(s) to adopt an agile mindset, including qualities and behavior. This evolution of mindset is essential for the successful and sustainable implementation of any Agile transformation. Practical frameworks on how to implement the agile way of work in your specific work environment can also be provided.

Special focus

DARe2Change believes that “Society should benefit more from talented women”. In today’s fast changing world diversity and authenticity is more important than ever before. The more organizations and individuals will value the different qualities people bring, the more we can create an environment where people will be comfortable to be their authentic self. This requires a new type of leader though. Someone who is empathetic, a good listener and open to constructive feedback; qualities that you often see in women. Therefore, DARe2Change has a special focus to help talented women confidently express their authentic self, further develop their talents and skills so they dare to make that next, often challenging, step in their career.




    Dick brings a combination of wisdom and humor to the gift of coaching leaders and facilitating teams. We have worked together extensively over the last two years as we rolled out a program to the top 5000 leaders at ING. Dick is one of my go to facilitators. A difficult group with significant cultural differences or challenging personality styles was done with grace, humor, and the special curiosity to create a transformational experience for everyone.

    Nick Craig

    President, Core Leadership Institute

    I met Dick through a mentorship program and I couldn’t feel any happier about that lucky coincidence. Dick is extremely personable, friendly and calm. He’s able to ask insightful questions, guide and provide useful advice to help navigate challenging situations. He’s encouraging, thoughtful and very responsive, the type of person you want to support you in your journey!

    Dare2Change: leadership & executive coaching

    Cristina Triviño Castillo 

    Marketing Localisation Team Manager

    I’ve had the pleasure to have Dick as my coach and I’ve appreciated the journey he has taken me on. We started by me identifying my purpose and then moved into concrete steps for me to take in order to reach my goal. I have been very impressed by Dick’s skill of noticing the unsaid, he is very talented in reading people and connecting pieces of information. I appreciate how he challenges me to change my limiting beliefs and old habits, firmly yet compassionately. He keeps my goal in sight with assignments and action points and always pins down our next appointment. Our work is based on honesty, directness and humour and I love it! I feel I’m in great hands, moving towards my goal step by step.

    Tuire Schoonen

    Trainer & Marketing Professional

    We have worked with Dick in his role as agile coach, being a new team in an Investment Fund-startup environment looking for more structure in the day to day of the project. The moment Dick joined our journey and started to get us acquainted and work with the agile way of working, we immediately became more efficient and improved on our communication and teamwork. This contributed to a more focused approach and result oriented project. Dick is a pleasant person to work with and very experienced financial professional himself so he fundamentally understands our market and the nature of our work. He is a clear communicator and knows how to work with teams at all levels and has shown leadership in working with our team. We really enjoyed working with him.

    Tanja Pelle

    CROO ILX Fund

    Dick has helped the management team of CORPUS (https://corpusexperience.nl) to redefine our mission, vision and key values. He created a program together with us that was focused, creative and divers. In this process he paid a lot of attention to getting input from the various people and their teams. He left the responsibility for the results with the management team, but provided valuable insights and reflections on the topics and the dilemmas that arose. Dick ensured that follow-up actions were taken between the sessions and that next steps are clear for the future. The result is a new mission and clear insights in a new vision and key values.

    We can highly recommend Dick for team facilitation and coaching. His style of coaching is motivational and easy to understand as he guided us through a step-by-step process to formulating our mission and vision. Dick has the ability to ask the right questions that helps a team “go deep” in diagnosing their situations or issues. He doesn’t just give advice but unleashes in you new perspectives that help you come up with answers yourself. While doing this, he enables to create a trouble-free environment in a way that everyone feels free to speak.

    Dick has a warm and friendy personality and is dedicated and professional. What differentiates him is his knowledge of advanced coaching methodologies and management techniques. This unique combination of disciplines enables Dick to provide a personal and systematic approach to coaching. Anyone who want to make progress on issues they care about would benefit from hiring Dick as a coach.


    reis door de mens

    Dick has coached us, Dimitri and Arjan, partners of ‘here we are’ architects this year. He has helped us through a challenging time where we needed to break through some limiting habits. In his coaching Dick has been able to confront us with these habits and patterns in our working with special attention to the working relation we have as partners. He has been able to give us tools, positive energy and a strong motivation to break through these patterns. We are thankful for the coaching we have received making us a more balanced team that is able to move further and keep developing.




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