“From journey to journey. A true transformation process”

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“From journey to journey. A true transformation process”

“From journey to journey. A true transformation process” 639 425 dare2admin

Last month, after more than 25 years, I left the corporate world to immediately jumped on an airplane to Chili and Argentina. What I hadn’t realised is that this trip would become a transformation process in itself.

Seeing my 17-year-old daughter, after 3 months working as a volunteer, as a guide in Buenos Aires asked a different attitude towards her. It was beautiful to see how confident and proud she was showing her experience and independence.

Moreover, and to my surprise the occasional time when my wife and I were arguing about little things my daughter would jump in to tell me to behave differently. The first time this happened I fully disagreed with her (of course) and even felt offended. Later I had to admit that she was right and that I should have reacted differently.

And then comes the inevitable end of the trip. Saying farewell to our daughter, who continued her trip (the ultimate letting go experience for parents) and starting my new journey: my own personal coaching practice.

Less than 4 weeks ago I said goodbye to my corporate life and since then I experienced valuable, transformational moments with many more to come. I hope you will be able to experience these little changes that help you to grow.

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